Improve Your Office Experience With Sun Control Films

The Tint Shop commercial window tinting in McAllen, TX can make your work environment even more comfortable for you, your customers, and your employees. Our commercial window tinting can help to balance out the temperature disproportion between sunny and shady parts of your building. It can also keep your building cool and comfortable, which makes your employees productive and your customers happy. 


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No matter where you are throughout the RGV, the Tint Shop will go to you and get your tint installed for your vehicle, home, or business.

Enhancing Your Building's Appearance

The Tint Shop films make building exteriors more attractive by eliminating visual clutter and creating a uniform appearance. They also provide ample amounts of privacy during the day. If your commercial space is in a city, this can help your office building protect valuable information about window tinting. 

Window Tinting

Depending on the product you choose, our window films can dramatically improve the appearance of your space. Whether you are looking for a subtle look, or a small frosted design or window tinting , it will improve your space and also save you money. Our Tint Shop product line includes a wide selection of styles, from rich tints to frosted films and softer, more subtle tints.

The Tint Shop films dramatically filter the warm ultraviolet light that transfers through the windows. Our tints are designed to keep the cool air inside while preventing the heat from coming in, therefore lowering the need to use excessive amounts of air conditioning. However, the precise savings depend on other factors such as how much direct sunlight you receive, which way your building faces, and how much energy is being used in the home or business with Window Tinting . 

In most cases, there is a 3- to 4-year payback period on your utility bills and it could reduce 33%-50% of your energy costs annually. Utility rates have been shown to increase just about every other year, so your lifetime warranty is a sure money saver.

The Tint Shop Window Films carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for residential properties and 10 to 12 year warranty for commercial buildings.

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